Words: Joe Dodd                                                                                               Images: Chris Herron

Volume spacers are designed to make the air chamber smaller. This makes the fork ramp up more quickly making it less likely to bottom out. With the fork setup to the correct sag, and you are still finding that you are bottoming out too easily or too frequently, you could benefit from adding a spacer or two. Using a setup aid like a ShockWiz will also tell you if you need to add or remove any.


Fox 36 fork


Step 1 - Let all of the air out of the fork and remove the valve core. You will now need to remove the top cap.


Step 2 - With all fork top caps, it is recommended you use a flat 6-sided socket piece. This limits the chance of rounding and damaging the top cap. We use this Abbey Tools ones which work fantastically. 


Step 3 - Now the top cap is removed. On the under side of the cap you can see an extra part sticking out. This is where the volume spacers clip onto. I require two extra spacers in my fork, which I will clip into place. Always consult the manual for your fork. Each brand and model will only allow a certain amount of spacers to be used.


Step 4 - Thread the top cap back in and tighten to 24Nm. Pop the valve core back in, and inflate the fork as per the manual. Check your sag. You should be running the same pressure as before you added spacers.