The 2022 AMB Photo Awards presented by Shimano have had a big update! We had a record level of entries and voting in 2021, with a huge influx of entries from young photographgers. We've looked over feedback from readers and entrants, and in 2022 the AMB Photo Awards presented by Shimano will not only have a stand alone social media video category, but it will only be open to entrants from Australia and New Zealand.

Photo Awards Categories for 2022

You can enter one category, or as many as you like. And you can enter more than once if you have lots of epic photos! Just make sure it suits the category. And remember, you're not entering a sick photo with you in it - but a photo you have taken.

Action - Sponsored by Pirelli

This is an all time category, and popular year in year out. Here at AMB we are always looking for the big action shots. This is the kind of photo that stops you in your tracks, whether it's mid-scroll or on a magazine cover or photo spread.

2021 Action winning photo - by Luca Lohrey

We'll be looking for a sharp focus on the rider, with either a setting or position that captures and holds your attention. Usually, an action photo will see the rider filling a lot of the frame while still giving a sense of movement and place.. An action photo is the most common type of photo any of us will take. a winning photo in the Action category will take getting a lot of things just right. From the rider, the lighting, time of day, the trail, the rider's position on the trail or in the air, and of course the final editing by the photographer.

The winner receives $750 and a year's worth of Pirelli Scorpion MTB tyres!
Second place wins $250, Third place wins $150.


Black and White - Sponsored by 100 Percent

Mountain biking is a sport of contrasts. While we all love corners and berms, who doesn't love some straight-line speed? In terms of mountain bike photography, using light appropriately via natural or artificial means is integral to success.

Just Ryan Along on Rude Rock. Photo: Tim Bardsley-Smith

But taking photos for a black and white edit takes a bit more skill to ensure the contrasts are just right, and that your photography tells the story you wanted. This category will be judged on the image's suitability for a black and white edit, plus composition and technical proficiency.

The winner receives $750 and a 100 Percent fit out kit worth over $1000!
​Second place wins $250, Third place wins $150.


Women Who Ride - Sponsored by Trek Australia

In 2021 we brought a category to showcase women in sport back to the competition. Mountain biking is diverse and we want to ensure that it continues to be so and grows from here. Women have been underrepresented in the photography of the AMB Photography Awards, and that doesn't match who we see riding and ripping the trails.

This category is designed to encourage a broader representation of who makes up our sport. Make it fun, make it inspiring, and make it inclusive. A winning photograph in this category will be all about excellent composition, so make sure it's unique to stand out from the crowd.

The winner receives $750 and a Trek prize pack worth $1000!
​Second place wins $250, Third place wins $150.


Great Outdoors

It's 2022 and this is the year to get out and about. The great outdoors has been the place for solitude or communal catch ups for so many people, and this category is about capturing the feeling of being out in the natural environment. We want you to make us want to go there, and to be in the photo.

Show us the views and the yiews, and exhibit the great places in the outdoors that we get to ride. Winning photos will need to capture the scale of the environment while still having a rider or riders as an essential element. Composition and lighting are essential skills for success.

The winner receives $750 
​Second place wins $250, Third place wins $150.


What about Photographer of the Year?

There will be an overall winner for the most complete portfolio, so for someone who enters a photo in each category, and selects being considered for the overall. The winner will be selected by a judging panel including pro photographer Tim Bardsley-Smith, and our editorial team of Mike Blewitt and Georgina von Marburg.

Mark Mackay's winning Women in AMB photo from 2021

The overall AMB Photographer of the Year will have a huge feature in AMB Issue #199, win $3000 cash and a Shimano Deore XT 12-speed group set!


AMB Young Photographer of the Year

The youth category remains and is determined by being under 20 during the competition period. This will be a one off image submitted in any of the categories. This winner will also be chosen by public voting from a short list selected by our judges. So all you need to do is enter a photo in any of the four categories, and if you are young enough to be considered in the Young Photographer category - you will automatically be added.

The winner of the Young Photographer category will win a Shimano SLX 12-speed group set!


Raw Reels - enter a video!

The social media video will need to be a raw upload without music, under 60 seconds and optimised for social media. We want you to capture being out riding and having fun. Let's hear the trail, the stoke and the natural environment we get to play in. All videos will be uploaded to our social media accounts to be shared, but the winner will be decided by our voting panel.

The Raw Reels winner will be selected by our voting panel, judging on editing ability and how engaging the reel is.

The Raw Reels winner wins $500 cash, a new Lazer helmet and Shimano eyewear!


Get all the details over at our Photo Awards site - but get entered! Entries close August 22, 2022.