Our mountain bikes are treated to some pretty harsh abuse when out on the trail. If you want your bike to look after you, you need to look after it. We were sent some Weldtite products to test – so here’s a step-by-step look at an easy bike clean to ensure your bike keeps running smoothly.

There are a few basic things you’ll want: a small bucket, a sponge for cleaning, a spray on bike wash, some degreaser, small brushes, and a couple of rags and lubricants to suit your area.

Weldtite The essentials from Weldtite.

In general, you're keeping water pressure to a minimum by using specific cleaners for the drivetrain and frame and other parts, with just some water applied by a sponge to clean it all off. While there's a time and a place for pressure washing (like caked on mud), general bike cleaning shouldn't require it.

If you're not sure what chain lube works best in your area, ask the mechanics at your local shop - or the people you ride with. Some people prefer a longer lasting lube that takes more cleaning when it's time to do so. Other people like a really dry lube that cleans up easily, but needs to be applied before most rides. What works for you might take some trial and error.

We used the Weldtite Pit Stop Tub, G-Strings, Bike Essentials Kit and the TF2 All-Weather Performance Lubricant. The combination of cleaners and lubes you need for your bike will vary, but that’s ok as Weldtite have most bases covered. All these parts are available from most local bike shops, and you can find the full details on jetblackproducts.com