Royal Apex Race Pants


Located in South Wales, Royal Racing have a huge following in the UK and are the apparel provider of choice for one Steve Peat, who co-founded the company over 20 years ago. Royal focus exclusively on MTB apparel, and they have two sets of pants in their range. The Apex Race Pants are aimed at being versatile enough for both trail riding and gravity usage.

Material, fit, and features

The Apex pants are constructed with a 4-way stretch micro ripstop fabric and a DWR water repellent coating. The pants’ exterior have a unique feel to them compared with the other pants on test. They have a tapered lower leg to remove the possibility of chain suck, and the articulated knee area designed to accommodate knee pads. Closure is provided by a ratchet, and the raised rear panel provides a comfortable fit. There’s also two zipped 45-degree YKK pockets that are well placed so phones and keys aren’t in the way while riding. 

The Apex’s I received were a size large, and they fitted me comfortably both with and without knee pads. 

On the bike

These were some of my favourite pants on test. The DWR water repellent coating does the job in keeping spray at bay, and the raised panel and ratchet closure kept the pants where I wanted them. The Apex pants feel like some of the more durable pants on test and have been through a few wash cycles and muddy rides with minimal visible wear. I’d also hypothesise that in a crash the Apex would hold up better than many of the lighter and stretchier pants on test. The material feels more robust, and the pants are also heavier, weighing in at 442 grams for the size large tested. 

Who they suit?

A gravity-oriented rider who wants a set of pants for all seasons and might hit the deck every so often and not want to need a new set of pants afterwards. Whilst they breathed well enough for my needs, this is one area where there were better options if breathability is one of your main criteria. They were also some of the more expensive pants on test but are a high-quality item. 


  • Jack of all trades 
  • Comfortable 
  • High quality construction 


  • Less breathable than some