Women’s Mons Royale Virage Pants

RRP: $240


The New Zealand brand prides itself on sustainability, using ethically sourced ZQ Merino, environmentally certified manufacturers, and recycled packaging. Their commitment even extends to transportation, for which Mons Royale relies on shipping rather than air freight; Their Virage pants are available in various colours in the women’s fit. 

Materials, Fit, and Features

The most noticeable quality of the Virage pants is their light weight and airy finish. The fit is extremely comfortable and there’s plenty of room for knee guards and adequately tight ankle cuffs. In hindsight, I would have sized down. It’s worth noting their sizing is generous. There are two unzippered pockets at the front are deep enough to store snacks and earphones, and a zippered, backwards running side pocket is large enough for even the most boomer-friendly smart phones. The elastic waistband and high waist mean the pants stayed in placed neatly and failed to creep up or down over the course of long rides. 

On the Bike

The merino blend in the Virage pants was a revelation. I wore these pants on a 3.5 hour ride in the middle of heatwave and didn’t regret it once. Merino truly is superior in regulating temperature and dispelling odours. As the brisk mornings transitioned into searing midday heat, I remained comfortable and content in the Virage pants. If you’re seeking breathability and light weight, these are the best offering. 

The stretch afforded by the polyesterand elastane make these the ideal pant for long rides.  During a minor stack, some threads were displaced and the light weight material does feel a somewhat fragile. However it was a compromise I was willing to make when seeking comfort over consecutive hours. 

Who do they suit? 

The Virage pants are for the enlightened trail rider that wants to stand apart from the moto-inspired apparel brands. When it comes to sustainability and ethical production, Mons Royale are setting an impressively high bench mark. On a  practical level, they’re for the adventurer. Being so light weight makes them a very travel friendly option, and appropriate for epic days in the saddle. They may be too thin for the avid descender but they’re perfect for the everyday rider who wants a pant that fits and breathes effortlessly. 


  • Sustainably sourced materials 
  • Incredibly light weight
  • Breathable 


  • Too light weight for serious descenders 
  • Pricey