Küat Pivot 2.0

Want a bike rack, but need easy and unobstructed access to the back of your car?

That's where the Pivot 2.0 comes in. You can get it in passenger or driver side swings, and it mounts with the same cam lock system as the Küat racks.

The swing arm can lock at 90 degrees or 120, so it's not about to come and crush you against the car. There's a trigger to unlock the rack once the main hitch is released, and the same trigger lets you toggle between the positions.


This one sells for $599, and is one of a number of accessories that FE Sports stock, including a wall mount for storage, a a hitch extender that can lift or drop the rack 50mm, Phat Straps, and the NV ramp which lands soon.

We've got to do some time going riding and back again with these, but stay tuned for full reviews.