Küat Beta

Price: $399 
Weight: 6.5kg
Wheel sizes: whatever you like
Capacity: 18kg per bike (2 bikes)
Nifty details: gated hitch pins, folds down and folds away

The Küat Beta is a modern update on the traditional hanging style rack. Küat have added their cam lock hitch, folding elements for boot access and easy storage, and then made it just 6.5kg!

The Beta has hitch pins to let you fold it down to the ground, and to let the bike support arms fold flat. There's a wired gate for security, to stop the pin moving, and nylon tipped thumb screws to take any wiggle out of the system. It's simple, and secure.


Of course, this type of rack does need certain tube sizes, shapes and positions. The mounts are designed to fit around a top tube, and a top tube/seat tube junction, which helps prevent sway.

All the straps are very high quality, and for this type of rack it's best in class. We really like how it folds away for storage. All the details are on the FE Sports website if you need some more specifics.