Derby Gravity Shuttles

We’ve all hopped onto a shuttle bus squished in next to a bunch of other sweaty riders — the stench is always impressive. Access to shuttles alone is a luxury, but Derby Gravity Shuttles are offering a unique uplift experience with its new fleet of Can-Am side-by-side ATVs.

With seats for five riders, Derby Gravity Shuttles will be focusing on private charters, so you and four friends can book a buggie and a driver for a few hours. Even just getting around in a side-by-side ATV is fun. Derby Gravity Shuttles uplifts with Can-Am buggies because they can reach terrain that would leave vans and busses, bogged and in need of a tow.

“Because they are a small vehicle they (the Can-Am ATVs) get up and down the shuttle roads a bit quicker than a bus and trailer, so you can get more runs in a shorter space of time — the whole idea is more gravity in the time you’ve got,” Tim Cafe who runs Derby Gravity Shuttles, and the Premium MTB Transfers tells us.

The Can-Ams can do laps from town to BlackStump, and are the only vehicles that do pickups from the bottom of Devil Wolf. One of Derby’s pinnacle descents starts from the remains of the old Altas tin mine situated about 400-vertical-metres above the rest of the trail network. With the Can-Ams capable of negotiating ultra-rugged terrain the buggies can get you all the way up to the Big Pappa shuttle drop off, adding 100m of vertical drop to the already sizable descent.

You can find out about all their private shuttle options right here.