Using Australian business for services

Lots of bike shops are offering pick up and drop off services, and if you have a favourite local shop, keep an eye out for updates.

Of course, smaller operators are really quick to adapt. Ryan Walsch is one of our main bike and product testers, and runs Fixed By Ryan out of his pretty amazing garage.

"Utilising the online bookings and secure dropoff points I’m able to ensure no contact is made. All bikes are thoroughly washed including touch points with disinfectant, and again touchpoints again before collection or delivery. Payments are made via the paylink on the emailed invoice as usual and no cash payments will be accepted at this time."

Still, some people are cautious and Ryan isn't penalising those who want to wait this all out.

"There are no fees for cancellations or rescheduling and are happy to provide phone support and troubleshooting to customers whom wish to say home."

There are lots of service only operators out there - maybe it's time to do a search in your local area?

Cyclinic have always promoted their 24/7 online booking service, and increasingly for anyone looking to keep their suspension working well, now is the time to do it. If you're not going to be riding as much, you're better off sending your fork and shock off for some high-quality love right now. 

If you're pretty handy yourself, Cyclinic have just about every small part available to order, and some handy advice on their website.

If you're after something more specific, then DIYMTB down on the south coast of NSW are the people to get in touch with. From bearings, tools, sweet Titanium bolt kits and high end headsets, bottom brackets and more - this crew are likely to have what you need for home workshops and essential upgrades and maintence.

Lead Out Sports can also sort you out with some sweet Abbey Tools, or high end Kogel bottom brackets or other parts. Their webshop is simple to use, and when we tested one the their Kogel bottom brackets we were really impressed! This is also where you'll find Backcountry Research Straps and Smoove Lube, amongst other popular items.