AMB: It is probably easy to see bicycle luggage like frame bags only for the bearded types going on multi-day transcontinental trips. But then we see people using them for commuting, family rides and more. Do you think we are still seeing bikes coming back into regular Australian active lifestyles? How far is there to go?

BBD: General outings by bike are becoming more popular in Australia, and as people realise the benefits of loading up the bike rather than the person, it brings a whole new level of enjoyment. You don’t feel like a packhorse. Even now I am looking at a new trail bike for myself and I want it to have a space I can add a frame bag to so when I am having simple outings with my kids I can load up the bag with necessities rather than take a backpack.

Commuting is an area that I feel will grow when I can figure out a way for a bag to be easily attached and re attached to the frame - I have been experimenting with magnets lately and that may be the new way to do something like that.


Bikes have been helping people explore personal and physical horizons for a lot longer than AMB has been around. But in the past few years it is hard to ignore the imagery that floods social media as people use their bikes to explore far and wide. Whether that is because our bikes are more capable, there is equipment to support it like bags from Bike Bag Dude and other companies, or maybe it is because we are all so highly connected that sharing emotive images has become a default action. Regardless of the why, the need to escape the daily grind isn’t a new concept, and we’re stoked to see that a small Australian company is helping people get out on their bike for an everyday adventure or beyond. Maybe it is time to think about where has your bike can take you to escape?


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