Scott 24hr
2008, October, Stromlo, ACT

In what came to be somewhat of a tradition at 24hr races I was allocated a solo pit space in what would come to be known as “Single Speed Alley”, next to someone that was so legendary he went by one name; B-Rad. This was the start of a great friendship and my introduction to the Sydney Single Speed Society (SSSS). Just thinking about finishing my 1st solo 24hr still puts a smile and grimace on my face at the same time. My Dad and I were both novices, both with no idea and no expectations, just a ‘let’s plan to play it by ear’ attitude.

24hr Solo Nationals
2009, March, Majura, ACT

Who can ever forget their first time at the home of 24hr Solo Nationals in Australia. No team riders to contest with, but also no team riders to chat with, you really needed to be comfortable with long stretches of just riding on your own. I crashed at some point and bent back the 3 outside fingers on my left hand, thankfully my braking finger was still good, I was too scared to take my glove off in case my fingers swelled, and I couldn’t get it back on.

Scott 24hr,
2009, October, Stromlo, ACT

Back when the Scott was HUGE. When you turned up to Stromlo and people were camped EVERYWHERE, when the track used to cut through the camp grounds, when people would sit at their camp, have a beer and heckle the solo singlespeeders every lap. My favourite memory is of letting faster team riders past out the back of the course, only to watch them blow through a corner, wash out the front and crash, with me riding past with a friendly “When you catch back up, just say hi and I’ll let you through again!”.