Back in 2018 we tested the Orbea Rallon - it was a hard hitting all-mountain and enduro bike that had the appeal of Orbea's MyO program. That lets you customise some of the spec of your bike, and a whole lot of the paint job, before it leaves the factory and comes straight to your local Orbea dealer.

The Orbea Enduro Team has continued to grow in strength, no doubt with help from the Rallon, and Thomas Lapeyrie is a French rider for the Spanish team with a Slovenian manager.

Lapeyrie's Rallon has had the MyO treatment with red, white and blue, befitting his French national title.

Just like on the bike we tested, Lapeyrie runs a Fox 36 - but he runs the Factory edition in orange.


The wheels are ENVE on DT Swiss 240 hubs. And you can see the Spanish Galfer rotors and brake pads.

Suspension out the back is handled by a Fox X2 with a factory orange coil. Most of the Orbea team are running their suspension a little firmer for Derby than they did for Rotorua.


The Orbea Rallon frame is asymmetric - as you can see for how the shock fits in. There is plenty of room for a bottle on the bike, and a spares box right below it. Cable routing is internal, and there are frame protectors neatly built into the bike's design.

Rotor cranks are a team item, and Lapeyrie runs Crank Bros pedals.


There are a few interesting things with the cockpit. First you can see the OneUp tool that fits in the steerer tube. The SRAM Eagle shifter is on a matchmaker clamp with the brakes, but there are also some very Euro hand guards.

The bars and stem are also Enve, matching the wheels. The dropper post is Crank Brothers.


Guards are #soenduro but as rain is starting to fall... it's still a handy addition.

The rest of the build isn't really surprising. The Rallon is a hard-hitting bike that has shown it's at home on the EWS circuit - and we expect to see them going fast here in Derby.