Third time's a charm

Words: Sebastian Jayne

Photos: Dominic Hook

The Mckayos gravity enduro race in Falls Creek could be seen as trying to emulate the grand races of Europe such as Mega Avalanche or Mountain of Hell. After the slushy snow of last year, it seemed doubtful that those lofty heights could be reached. It wasn’t that last year was bad, many people were incredibly amped after last year’s race. Riders unable to get over to Europe really felt they were a part of the big mountain enduro culture, even if there was some running involved. But this year was different, this year riders truly were a part of that culture.

After an epic snow season the 2017 edition was pushed back a few weeks, which would ultimately be a good problem to have. The deep snow meant Mount McKay, which Mckayos gets in name from, would not be used but an alternative start was chosen just above the Cloud Nine lift station. A race like this is very dependent on the weather gods delivering a good ‘freeze’ overnight to harden the snow.

Up we go!