Cane Creek Helm Coil

No newcomer to precision offerings or suspension Cane Creek offer their Helm fork in a coil version unlike FOX and RockShox (we tested the air version last year). While it adds weight, it is so incredibly supple throughout its travel due to less internal parts and seals and therefore the fork is very reliable.

After spending most of my time on air forks, it is a treat to charge rough trails with a coil upfront. The front wheel holds a line well with the tyres staying in contact with the ground. Travel adjustments on the Helm are easily carried out with no additional parts required which is unlike most forks on the market today and the only fork on test to do so. A home mechanic with a clean workspace would have this process dialed in no time.

There are 4 spring weights available for the Helm and I am in-between 2 of them, not right in the middle but frustratingly far enough away from the next one. These forks are noisier than an air, in certain sections of rough trail when lofting over obstacles the spring did make a bit of noise that could be heard over that of the trail. Changing springs is not a complicated task but by no means as easy as adding or removing air. The air cap and adjuster knobs are beautifully machined however are huge and have sharp edges.

After you figure out how to use the D-Loc QR thru axle, its actually a neat system that Cane Creek claim adds torsional stiffness to the chassis. You might be able to shave 5 seconds off your front flat change time.


Travel options: 130-160mm in 27.5 and 29 via 10mm travel adjustable spacers

Weight: 2340g

Spring: Coil – 4 spring weights available.

Adjustments: Hi (10 clicks) and Low speed Compression (20 clicks) adjustments, Low speed Rebound (15 clicks) and Spring preload.

What we like best:

Clever D-Loc QR Thru axle design when you figure it out, extremely smooth in all scenarios, quite stiff and robust.

What we like least;

D-Loc QR took a bit to figure out on the trail, weight and some spring noise/slapping

Cost: From $1649

From: Cane Creek Australia