DT Swiss F535 ONE

We recently reviewed the DT Swiss F535 ONE 160 that was a surprise release from the Swiss manufacturer. The fork has a new approach to compression damping entirely which enables it to has the most sensitive initial travel of any fork. The F535 does this by bypassing the oil flow past the compression damping circuit in the first 30% of travel. It then progressively increases the compression damping from 30%-80% then more again from 80%- bottomed out. This “Plushport” technology gave us incredible front wheel grip on rougher terrain where sliding out was a common problem, it did however dive more than all other forks on the market but then regained composure when 30% travel was achieved and offers more stability than the competition.

As most of the “tuning” of the F535 is predetermined by DT Swiss, this is a set and forget style fork by design. DT Swiss put their focus on maximising the rider experience by creating a fork that increases support when you need it and leaves the fork uber plush anywhere else. Save for the compression lockout, ALL adjustments require a T10 torx tool to either adjust or uncover and then adjust. There is a sneakily hidden T10 bit in the front axle should you want to fiddles with DT Swiss’s already excellent setup, just set the pressure and go ride.

Travel options: 130, 140, 150, 160mm in 27.5 and 29 wheel sizes

Weight: 2020g 27.5 and 2090g 29er

Spring: Air (Positive camber) Air/coil hybrid Negative chamber

Adjustments: Rebound, compression and lockout

What we like best:

The plushest for off the top we have tested, integrated fender

What we like least:

Fork is so plush it does dive more than others, adjustments are hidden and require a T10 torx, Extremely costly to change travel.



From: DT Swiss Australia