Product: Orange Seal Regular sealant


RRP: $35 for 475mL

Time to seal a 3mm hole: 1:02

Pressure lost: 2.1psi

Time to seal a 6mm hole: 1:31

Pressure lost: 3.2psi

AMB's notes: Orange Seal Regular is a really popular sealant and the results prove why. It seals fast with minimal pressure loss and did so for both test punctures. Orange Seal claim the sealant has a life of 30-45 days which is really honest of them – this testing occurred at 36 days. With the bead off, the sealant quality was good, about half of the 100mL needed was there, but there was a lot of film on the tyre, and some balling up around the valve. The valve core was also getting clogged and I needed to replace it. At a cost of about $7.35 per tyre, it is clearly a very effective sealant. Orange Seal also sell their Endurance mix which is said to last 60-120 days and best suited to 3mm punctures more than larger 6mm. This is likely a better option for most of us as it provides a longer interval between sealant changes, and paired with a quality plug kit it should keep you out of trouble. But fresh Orange Seal Regular should appeal to those who want to ride hard, and for those racing against the clock or bar to bar.