“We were travelling back from an event in Craigieburn Forest in New Zealand and we pulled over for a p**s stop and it was the last light of the day.

“The boys had stopped there the year before and got some bangers, so we thought we’d have another crack at it.

“It’s just on the ridgeline in the Lindis Pass. It was just a bang on shot where the sun was going behind one mountain and it was only that very ridge that still had light on it.

“The rider is Ted Morton and as soon as he rolled past, the sun went behind the hill and the light was gone. So it really was right place, right time.

“I’m a tradie by day, so the photography is just a hobby. I used a Canon 80d for this shot. It’s just off the shelf camera and not that expensive really. But it’s amazing what you can do with it, though.”

2nd: Ian Cairney, "Jonny Odams charging"

3rd: Ewald Sadie, "Muddy trails"