“This photo was taken at Boomerang Farm bike park in Mudgreeba, which is a fun place, using my Sony A7 camera.

“The sunrays coming through the trees looked amazing, but it was also really dusty and that’s what has made the photo stand out with the contrast. The picture was taken early in the morning when the light was really great and I think that helps as well make it a good photo. 

“But I looked at the other entries and didn’t think I was going to win. I actually didn’t know much about the competition. My friend Simon Drummond is the guy in the photo and he’d asked me to take it and then entered it into the competition and I only found out once we’d got into the final voting.

“I work for Mitsubishi and just take photos as a hobby. I moved to Australia from the Czech Republic five years ago and I had no-one to take pictures of me, so that’s when I bought my first camera and started learning from YouTube.”

2nd: Jasper Da Seymour, ‘Blackwood’ 

3rd: Andy Rogers, ‘SSMTBWC storage’