“This is a shot using my Mavic drone in one of the more iconic locations in Derby.

“I just knew I wanted to get an aerial shot of that area of the trail because it is so unique and well designed.

“When I captured that area I got about six or eight good cropped images, but for this one it lined up really well and the riders were perfectly placed.

“The colours really popped on all the greenery and there was a nice vibrancy to it, but also a contrast to the trail itself.

“I get up to Derby once every three or four months with a group of mates and for this photo I just ducked off at the end of the day to capture that image. It’s got a bit of everything and the symmetry also works in its favour.

“I’m an electrical technician by trade and photography is just a hobby. I’ve ridden bikes for 15 or 20 years, so it’s great to be able to photograph MTB as well.”


2nd: Matt Wood, 'In to the forest'

3rd: Mead Norton, ‘A group of friends heading out to waihaha hut’