Words: Chris Panozzo                                                                         Photos: Tim Bardsley-Smith

If only Australians celebrated mountain biking like they do surfing. I remember every news bulletin growing up would finish with the latest results from the World-Tour, here in the middle of the Aussie Alps I was painted a nightly picture of what Australian sport was if you weren’t that into footy, and that it was surfing. Sweet, surfing it was then, except for one problem, I was at least a five hour drive from my local break.

Now every kid in Australia has access to more mountain bike highlights on their phone than there are minutes in the day. Kids are telling their parents they want to go mountain biking, or maybe parents are telling their kids it’s time to go mountain biking, either way the next question is, how do I get to the Victorian High Country, and who do I know that can tell me where to ride?

Part 1 - Bright

Part 2 - Falls Creek

Where to begin:
All things begin and end at the Big Hill MTB Park. Situated just above the town on the road to Falls Creek this place holds special memories across generations. The local club has been holding events for more than 20 years, and helping put kids on bikes for that period of time you know the place must be special. The tracks spill out of the bush and sweep back to this one central point.


What to expect:
Lots of raw singletrack. Most of the well-established tracks here weren’t designed by committee, there was no need to gather input from the community, refer to guidelines from multiple organisations about sustainability, fall lines or the latest flow guidelines. These trails have evolved from race tracks, bunting was strung between tree’s by local volunteers who loved riding bikes and understood how they handled. The result is natural terrain developed from years of riding, they may look rowdy to the eye, but you will find that you’re not working against the bike, as it will naturally want to head in the same direction as you.