It shouldn't be any surprise that mountain biking as a sport and an industry is full of passionate people who love what they do, and where it takes them. Having met Matt D'Arcy from Krush it's clear that a love for mountain biking and a passion for the details drives the new Aussie brand.

Getting the band back together

I have met up with Matt as he has rolled into Nerang ahead of the first round of the Shimano Enduro Series. It's wet, about to get wetter, but Matt is stoked to be here. He's had a long drive up from Victoria, but time on the road isn't new for him.

“I started playing drums when I was 14 and I studied really hard until I was 19. Playing the drums isn't just hitting shit – I even taught for 6 years. I joined bands and yeah – it was great times.”

Without going too far into the hedonistic joy of touring to play gigs in a band in the mid to late 90s, it is clear that getting used to life on the road while playing in bands probably helped set Matt up for the amount of travel he and his wife Emma now do visiting events with their Krush vans. They visit events around the country with their bike cleaning and detailing products, support riders and shops at a grass roots level. Like many of us, Matt's first bike was a BMX, and it gave him a sense of freedom.

“As a young person your first BMX when you're four is your first sense of freedom. Growing up in the early 80s we had a lot more freedom. Bikes have always been there. I have always had dirt bikes too.”

So how does a musician and dirt bike rider transition into setting up a bike cleaning and detailing product brand in Australia? Like many people moving into the bike industry, it involved Matt following what he loved doing and looking for a better work-life balance.