4. Book your accommodation

So, what sort of place do you want to stay?

This is your call. There's a bunch of backpackers and holiday park accommodation around Cairns. Cool Waters Holiday Park has always served us well on AMB trips to the tropical north, being halfway between Cairns and Smithfield.

If you want to stay in one spot, Palm Cove is probably the pick. There are lots of options, you're on the beach, and it's the most central. You might get an apartment for as little as $500!

Alternatively, do Thursday, or Wednesday and Thursday nights somewhere just north of Cairns, for easy access to Smithfield. You'll need to drive up the range on Friday morning, so book a place in Mareeba for Friday night. A single night will be around $200 - it's a trucking route. Wioth no real accommodation in Mt Molloy, the best plan here would be to drive via Mt Molloy to Port Douglas after the Davies Creek stage - and stay there until Monday. This starts at around $520 for 2 people for 3 nights in an apartment. 

You could also stay back in your original accommodation near Smithfield after Davies Creek, and drive to Mt Molloy for Stage 3. It's only a little over an hour - and no packing up.

So whether you want to stay in one place or two - crack open Google maps and your favourite accommodation booking platform - and see what works best for your crew.