4. Satisfy that curiosity! 

Do you ever see a trail that looks a bit overgrown and wonder where it leads, but you don’t want to waste your precious riding time (or elevation) going down a dead end? Another classic is finding the trail is too overgrown to get through after a couple of minutes. 

Often on a regular bike I’ll give these trails a pass, but on the eMTB I’ll scoot down any and every trail to check out where it leads. Usually, these trails aren’t the most amazing trail experience, but often they’re handy links within a network. The next time you’re riding and need to take a shortcut, you know you can take the path less travelled. And sometimes, you’ll stumble across a trail that mightn’t get much use but has that effortless flow that’s rare to find. 

5. On trail testing is a breeze 

Like benefit number four, sometimes when I’m on a regular bike that’s setup comfortably I’m loathe to make any setup changes on a ride. This is because I don’t want them to adversely affect my precious descending time. 

On an eMTB, as you’re able to do so much more descending in the same time, I don’t find this to be an issue. And as I mentioned in point number two, carrying a shock pump in my pack isn’t an issue on an eMTB. I’ll happily tinker with my bike at the top of a descent, and if it feels like garbage on the way down at least I’ll be at the top in no time anyway.

6. Descending volume 

I know I said at the start of this article that I didn’t want to stray into the classics you hear brought up around eMTBs like ‘they allow you to self-shuttle’ but having an eMTB is a game changer for descending you can do on a given ride. This extra descending stacks up over the weeks, months, and years if that’s what you’re into. 

According to Strava, if I do ten hours of riding outdoors in a week that’s a pretty good outcome. Usually that equates to about three rides on a mountain bike per week, give or take. If I go out for two weekend rides of around 3 hours each, with a focus on hitting descents as opposed to undulating trails, I’ll do between two and three times the descending on my eMTB as opposed to a regular bike. Both are fun, but if you gave me the option of having one bike in my stable it’d be a long travel eMTB. For me the best part of riding is the descents, and my eMTB simply lets me do more. 

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