2. Carrying spares isn’t an issue 


In the past I’ve taken the gamble on not bringing spares to save some weight on the climbs, as well as thinking I looked cool riding without a pack. Nowadays I always bring spares no matter what bike I’m on, but I pack even more spares and food on my eMTB. Throwing in a second tube, shock pump, extra cable, extra food, and even a small saw to get rid of trail debris isn’t an issue in my eMTB pack. Yes, that weight is impacting the longevity of my battery in a minor way, but when I ride with mates who bring nothing at least the extra food always seems to be gone by the end of the ride. The second tube is also handy, as you can give one away and still be safe for the rest of the ride, and even your next ride if you forget to pack another one. 


3. Sessioning trails

Sessioning trails is great for your skills. Don’t take my word for it, it’s something you’ll hear many of the world’s best gravity riders say. If you’ve ever ridden at somewhere like Peaslake in the UK you’ll know there isn’t a ton of elevation on offer, but locally based riders like Brendan Fairclough, Olly Wilkins, and Bernard Kerr all attribute their success to sessioning the shorter descents they do have over and over. Nowadays, all three of those riders are doing this on eBikes to get maximum laps for the time available. 

For someone who isn’t paid to ride their bike, sessioning trails or sections of trail can sap the fun out of a ride. With an eMTB however, if there’s a return climbing trail or fireroad it’s easy to smash out laps of shorter trails, refine your lines, or try different lines altogether.