The 2020 AMB Photography Awards presented by Shimano may have been the most competitive yet. There were four categories to enter - and if you chose to enter all four, you could elect to be considered for the AMB Photographer of the Year.

In 2020, the categories were:

- Hero Shot
- Wide Angle
- Pan Shot
- Detail

Any photo submitted by a photographer under 20 would also go in the Young Photographer of the Year award.

Cam Mackenzie - AMB Photographer of the Year 2020

The AMB Photographer of the Year entries were packed full of excellent photos. But one selection stood out above the rest, and they came from Cam Mackenzie, who won a category in 2019, and was hungry for more. The full interview above goes through all his images.

Category winners for the 2020 AMB Photography Awards

Some categories had more entries than others, but we made short lists of 12 for each category. Which was pretty tough with so many good entries! The public voting meant that you, our readers, got to decide who was the best. This is how that played out.

Hero Shot

The winner for the Hero Shot was Jay French with an absolute banger from Wanaka, new Zealand.

Second place was Laurence Crossman-Emms, with this cracker of a dirt jump photo.

Third place was Jay French again, with another shot of a tuck no hander.